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Helping others to Live Intentionally and Love Authentically

Health and Life Coaching

My life is an extraordinary journey that compels me to live intentionally towards healing and whole health. I have overcome life issues such as co-dependency, insecurity, lack of identity, weight fluctuations, and breast cancer. Through my journey, I have discovered and enjoyed spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing and health. As a result, it is my calling and passion to meet people right where they are in helping them to discover their purpose, realize their potential, coach with honesty, encourage with laughter, and help equip them to live their healthiest, fullest life. I’m excited to help anyone at any age in their journey, and am especially hopeful to help individuals who are in mid-life (35-55) and experiencing life-changing events in relationship, career, and health in addition to individuals transitioning from substance/alcohol recovery to living a life of healthy habits.  I offer individual, group, and corporate coaching.  Contact me via e-mail to inquire about specific needs and information.

Public Speaking

I’m a sassy, southern God’s girl, mother of five, Grammy, sister-girlfriend, and a cancer survivor.  I am also a teacher, therapist, Health and Life Coach, speaker, and writer.  My passion is to help others understand their identity in Christ and exhort others through honesty and humor towards intentional discipleship.  I invite you to explore “Speaking Topics” to see if one would meet the needs of your special event or retreat.  If you have a direction or topic not listed that you are leaning into, one of Tammy’s favorite things is to hear from God and customize a message for you! If you are interested in talking to me about your event, you may e-mail me at pearlsandswords@gmail.com.