Forgive and Forget…70 x WHAT??

I used to say this often in my former way of thinking when I would travel on a religious high horse: “I forgive ________, but I will not / cannot forget!”  And I remember clearly the night…the precise and painful moment…that God “knocked me off” my metaphorical religious high horse.  ((Ouch…and ouch.))

Yet God says, “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for my own sake; And I will not remember your sins.” ~Isaiah 43:25

Who are we to say…how DARE we say…that we will not forget the transgressions (revolt) of another when God does that for those of us who belong to Him??

This is not relenting to a state of perpetual amnesia. God doesn’t have amnesia because He is omniscient. How does He do it? What example do we follow?

To “remember no more” is to make the conscious decision NOT “to mark (so as to be recognized)…to mention…be mindful, recount, record…bring (call, come, keep, put) to (in) remembrance.”


Partial forgiveness is not true forgiveness.  True forgiveness must involve the not remembering part…not entertaining or giving quarter to that offense/sin/trespass…not mentioning it…not counting it or keeping record.

How long or how many times must we do this not remembering stuff to truly forgive?  As long as it takes and as many times until it sticks.

70 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7…((Matthew 18:21-35))

You see, we are not omnipotent like God…His true and full and eternal forgiveness sticks and stays the first time. We have to practice until it is permanent and forgiveness becomes more powerful in our lives than our flesh.

Let’s do some work today.


Learning and growing with you ~ Tammy Sinclair

Brokenness leads to healing leads to strength…

It’s. Been. Awhile.

Yeah…I’ve been busybusybusy…in a season of waiting and transition…and stuff.  To start off 2017, I want to share this video message with you.  My iPad quit recording before I was finished and because I was looking at the camera lens…looking at you…which is at the opposite end from the record indicator, I did not notice.  😜  ((Oops.))

Anyways, the core message is in tact, and you can read the second Scripture address I was sharing about when it cut off.

Oh…and excuse the poor camera presence.  I can express myself in writing and have no reservations taking a mic and a stage, but I get reeeeeaaaaallllly uncomfortable recording myself while looking at myself.  😬  Working on that.


When in Doubt…Bite It!😬

My. Mouth. 🙄

This has always been one of my biggest battles since being born again ((TWENTY)) years ago…not just WHAT I speak, but HOW and WHEN, as well. When my God-given gifts are operating in the flesh, I tend to be snarky, sharp-tongued, and insensitive with my speech. I have wounded others throughout the years…and I work to reconcile and restore when possible.

I heard a teaching today (Tony Evans) on this Scripture, and it caused me to reflect on some pearls that I’ve learned and practice still…well, mostly. These are a couple things that Jehovah Mekaddishkem (The LORD that Sanctifies) has taught me:

1) I will speak my will from the overflow of my heart, and my heart is the soil for what I meditate on in my mind. If I find myself verbally vomiting, then that tells me that I need to adjust what I am feeding my focus. What you focus your attention and thoughts on WILL travel to the fertile soil of your heart and produce fruit, which WILL travel out your mouth and show through your actions.

2) In those seasons where I am working on adjusting my focus from the horizontal to the vertical, I have a very immediate and effective tool to take unhealthy words captive to the obedience of Christ. When I feel damaging words travel from my heart to knock on my vocal cords, I employ my teeth to clamp down on my tongue. Now, this will often prove to be very uncomfortable as your veins feel like they will explode (I promise you, they won’t) and also proves to be very painful as your tongue feels like it might bleed (I promise you, it might). But, it’s better to let your own bruised ego and wounded tongue heal than to damage the soul or kill the spirit of another.

There is more than enough salt water, death, evil, and condemned words working out there.

Let’s provide our world some spring water, life, good, and justified words in our speech.

That’s all! ((Hey, it’s Friday! 🙌🏼))

Learning and Growing With You ~

Tammy Sinclair


An Ocean of Grace…Take Me Deeper.

“For I am the least of the apostles and do not even deserve to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God.  But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.”  Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:9-10a (NIV)

Overwhelming, abundant grace…this is what has been resonating in my spirit, saturating my soul lately.  In reflection, His grace has been evident during every season of my life…even and especially when I was not called His.  God extends His loving grace to every living being, even to those who are spiritually dead in His sight.  His grace is what sustains each of us.  As long as we have breath in our lungs and blood pumping through our heart, we experience some degree of God’s grace.

Just as Paul confessed in this Scripture, I, too, have persecuted the church of God. Before I entered into that saving knowledge and decision through Christ, I persecuted the church by the way I lived.  I set myself against the Living God because the gods I served were carnal pleasures, promiscuity, accomplishments, and the craving of man’s approval.  God’s grace permitted me to exist in my sin.  God’s grace wooed me and compelled me to confess Him as my Lord and Savior.  God’s grace continues to grow me and increase my faith.  God’s grace draws me into the depths of His love and His will. “But by the grace of God I am what I am…”


You see, when I picture God’s grace, I think of the ocean.  As an unbeliever, I dwelt on the scorching, thirsty sands of the beach. Have you ever tried to walk or run in the sand?  It is difficult and labored because your feet sink into the sand with each stride. That was me…running and striving to make progress in the sands of sin but not getting far and and doing that very slowly.  The sands of sin worked their abrasive persistence into every vacancy and broken place in my soul…my life.  Then, during a specific season in my life, something caused me to stop my striving in the sand and shift my focus.  I heard waves lapping up onto the shore…waves that had always been there but had gone unnoticed.  Each wave came in to reach at me, then drew back as an invitation that whispered, “Come in.”

As we all fear what we do not know or understand, I tentatively stepped towards the traces of where the waves reached…the wet sand was refreshing to my tired and scorched feet.  Successive waves lapped up to embrace my ankles for brief moments of relief.  This is where I remained for two years as God drew me to salvation.  The sands of sin – though appealing and familiar – became less and less as a draw for me as I experienced more of God’s grace.

God’s Grace: Are you wading, swimming, or resting?


Many Believers will reflect and find that they are wading in the shallows of God’s grace and purpose for their lives.  I was in the shallows…for years after I was saved. Perhaps it is fear that prevents some from going deeper – fear of the depths, fear of the unknown, fear of what they cannot see or anticipate…fear of not being in control. Maybe it’s a refusal to wander too far from the sands of sin.  Or, it could be that some are comfortable in the shallows because it doesn’t require much effort…doesn’t demand commitment or accountability.

God’s Grace: Are you wading, swimming, or resting?


Others will discover that they have moved out deeper, and they are swimming in His grace.  These Believers know the joy of being able to experience more of His grace in ministry, in relationships, in life.  Even though they can still touch ground, the waves of His grace move and sway them like a bouy.  As the waves move toward the shore, they sway these Believers some.  But, as the water moves back out to the depths, the pull of the undertow beckons. They must stand their ground…dig their toes into the saturated sand under the waters…to resist the pull…to resist being carried out to the deep.  This is where I found myself about ten years ago.  I called out to Him one night, “Lord, what is the hold? Why am I not experiencing more of You? I know there is more! What is it?”

God’s Grace: Are you wading, swimming, or resting?


He answered gently and affectionately, “Let go, Tammy.  Stop fighting the tide of My grace.  Lay back and rest.  I will carry you out to the depths.  I will not let you sink…I will not let you drown.  Rest in My grace…trust Me.”  I did.  You know what? He has not let me sink, and He has not let me drown.  Absolutely, I have experienced stormy waters that caused me to fear and doubt and sometimes fight against the waves and the current, but God has sustained me and protected me through the storms and into the calm.  In the depths of His grace and will are the greatest experiences of this journey.  It is in the depths of His grace that we discover our identity and a growing understanding of our Father.  We realize an intimacy and familiarity with His voice and His ways.  What a beautiful place to be where I cannot see land…but to look around and see only the waters of His grace.


“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.” v. 10a

His grace is apportioned for very specific purposes.  A primary purpose is to bring us into salvation and to grow us in our faith. However, there is much, much more.  So much more.  We were never meant to dwell in the shallows of salvation.  There is intentionality as God purposes His grace to work in each of us.  When we know the depths of His grace, we are compelled and count it a joy to share that grace with others.

Where are you in the ocean of God’s grace?

The sands?

The shallows?

The deep, deep waters?

Learning and Growing With You…