…Just saw the sweetest thing while waiting in Gotham City Gameland (Six Flags) for the kids to ride Mr. Freeze



A young boy, probably about 12, played Whac-a-Mole to win his younger, mildly special-needs sister (about 8-9 y.o.) a Six Flags cap. She stood by his side and jumped up and down with excitement as he played.

When he picked out her cap, he didn’t just hand it to her. He took the care and time to size it and place it on her head…all while she was jumping and clapping and hugging his waist.

You could see the love he has for her in his tender demeanor and gentle actions.

This made me think of two things:

1. I wish more siblings – including my own children – would demonstrate their love for each other with such simplicity and authenticity and sacrifice.

2. That’s how God loves me. He doesn’t merely hand me gifts, but He simply and authentically demonstrates His love for me by fitting His gifts to His purpose in my life and to my temperament. He’s smart like that. AND…I need to show my excitement towards His gifts. It’s okay to jump and clap and hug His waist with praises and thanksgiving.

That’s all.