Fabulous Rhema dropped in Friday night during our small group’s study of James. I have never really understood or spiritually connected with this verse…always wondered “Why emphasize the fatherless and widows? There are all kinds of needs…we ALL matter to God.” Then God.

He brought revelation through Mr. Husband to make the spiritual connection that the fatherless are any who are not adopted children of God. Then another in our group added that widows are without a groom (Jesus Christ…as born-again Believers are the Bride.). Wowza! It took the breath out of me as the Breath of God moved through our living room.

This was too powerful not to share. Good stuff, guys. We are to be visiting and attending to the needs of those who haven’t been introduced to Jesus – the fatherless and the widows – in a truly loving way…in a way that points to Him and His transforming power…and not to ourselves and our efforts.